Launching Soon: The Easy Guide to Happy Feet

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book will be launching next week on Tuesday 25th July.  Drawing on my time as a foot health practitioner, may I present: The Easy Guide to Happy Feet!

Happy Feet

Often ignored and hidden away, your feet are your flexible friends and work hard on your behalf for the whole of your life. Neglecting the smaller foot problems can create a bigger problem for the rest of your body so now’s the time to learn the foot signs that will benefit you later.

The Easy Guide to Happy Feet (For a Happy You) is an entertaining look at what’s normal and what’s not, spanning from childhood to old age; with shaggy shoe stories, unusual cures for common foot problems, fun foot facts, foot dreams and superstitions. Happy Feet by Patricia Barber will make you smile and give you the foot knowledge you need for a happier healthier life.

‘When our feet hurt we hurt all over’ – Socrates.

‘All we are saying is give feet a chance.’ John Lennon – almost!

More news soon!

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