pattie bwPatricia Barber is the author of First Time Tenant and lives outside of Reading with three cats and a house trained husband.

A serial entrepreneur, she has run businesses in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, lettings & property management, retail, tarot reading and catering. She has owned and run her family based Inventory Company since 1986, and was chairman of the independent inventory clerk’s regulatory body, the AIIC, from 2006 to 2017.  In November 2017 Patricia became the co founder of the National Association of Inventory Professionals, of which she is now Chairman. (NAIP membership is open to all those involved in the inventory industry, not just independent clerks).

She is now focused on her expanding tarot business Tarot4you and can be found giving readings via various online venues, selling tarot and related gifts and crafts online at Etsy and Ebay and live at various fairs across Berkshire and Hampshire – see T4U Events page for more details!

She holds diplomas in Relaxation Therapy and Holistic Diagnosis and also works as a Foot Health Practitioner.

When she’s not working or writing, she organises a local singing and ukulele group and has been active in the British Fantasy Society where she ran conventions and organised their annual short story competition as well as providing administrative support to their special publications branch.


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