Snakes, Iguanas and other Tenants

You can meet some strange tenants on property inspections. I didn’t mind the large snake a few months ago – even gave it a cuddle, not slimy at all and rather pleasant since you ask! But I do draw the line when I open a bedroom door to find a large iguana staring at me from his sawn off tree branch. Not sure that the usual no-pets clause will cover this one.

During my day job as an Inventory Clerk I see all sorts – including naked men who answer the door with just a flannel over their bits. ‘Just out of the shower, they say, wont be a mo, then turn around and wander up stairs not caring that I am standing there trying not to look. Since I have been in this business for 30 odd years actually I no longer care. Time is money so the faster they get their clothes ON the quicker I can check the house and get away to the next one.

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